My Story

Hi, I'm Maddie! 👋 

Born out of the pandemic and my re-found love for needlepoint, my small design studio is on a mission to preserve the most beautiful moments in life with levity, cheekiness, and love. Our designs strive to be timeless and of the time - at the same time. 

Growing up in a small town in Connecticut, I was surrounded by needlepoint. There was a beautiful navy and gold butterfly framed on the wall in our hallway, a carefully personalized stitched stocking that I cherished each Christmas, and an old framed canvas of the Miami University of Ohio mascot on the shelf at the lake house. Over time, I learned to appreciate the generational gift of needlepoint and the timelessness of design.

Today, I love being able to share this art with my mother, sisters, and the entire needlepoint community. I am currently designing and painting in Philadelphia, where I recently moved to from Manhattan. If I am not in Philly, you can most likely find me in Palm Beach or Dallas visiting family. ❤️

If you share something in common or want to simply say hello, drop me a note here! Welcome to TSN.